About us

Since 2011 Durafence specialises in creating low maintenance fencing solutions to fit with all homes and commercial properties. When you choose to build a fence using Durafence PVC or Durafence Architectural materials you’ll always end up with a fence that doesn’t require painting, is resistant to rotting and weathering and will look great on both sides.


The Durafence Fencing Systems


Durafence PVC Fencing Solutions:
The Durafence PVC fencing range creates a long-lasting, defect free fence. PVC is a low maintenance fence that will outlast its wooden counterparts.

PVC fencing and building materials have been adopted in over 30 countries around the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Durafence Architectural Fencing:
For those after a more stylish and premium fence, we have Architectural Durafence. The Durafence Architectural range is our unique product developed jointly with the team at Altus Aluminium to create premium fencing offering.

The Architectural Durafence Range is characterised by the stylish powder coated or anodised aluminium posts combined with premium WPC composite boards made from recycled materials and concealed fastenings for an elegant finish.

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