PVC Fencing From Durafence

PVC Durafence

Our PVC fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl using 10 parts per 100 Dupont, T102 (Titanium Dioxide) ultraviolet inhibitors.

This level of UV inhibitor ensures our PVC fences will stand up to New Zealand's harsh UV light and keep your fence looking good for years to come , and backed by our 15 year warranty.

Whether it’s a traditional picket fence, pool fence, privacy fence, semi-privacy fence, or a horse fence, Durafence provide the no maintenance solution for your fencing needs.

The PVC design is the same on either side of the fence, meaning you and your neighbours do not have to choose who gets the side with the rails and will never need painting.

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Frame 2


PVC Full Privacy Fence

The Metro fence is our most popular PVC fence style and it is available in two colours; white and grey. The simple design allows the fence to be stepped or sloped and it can be cut down from it's standard height of 1.8m to whatever height suits your section.

Our PVC fencing can handle New Zealand's extremes in temperature (both hot and cold).


Privacy fence with trellis

The Epsom fence is a classic design available in white or with grey insert fence panels. The trellis top provides a stylish look to most properties and the fence can be matched with gates to complement the look.

This design is a standard height of 1.8m but can be lowered to suit your property.

Frame 2

Frame 2


Semi privacy

With the Devon semi-private fence you don't have to choose between privacy and style. This line of PVC fencing is a beautiful addition to your business or home.

The 24 mm gap between the fence panels allows a combination of light and privacy. This style is available in two heights 1.2m high and 1.8m high.


Picket fence

The Villa picket fence at 1.2m high provide a classic look without the maintenance. The pickets are centred through the top and bottom rails so the same look is achieved from both sides of the fence.

Matching gates are also available in various sizes to enhance the elegant look of your new fence.




Post and Rail

A traditional three rail Karaka Post & Rail fence helps put the finishing touches to any acreage or rural property, signifying that true country feel.

When installed it becomes a real attraction "showcasing" the property in question.


Pool fencing

The Med pool fencing looks fantastic around the perimeter of your pool. Or as a dividing fence on your property.It keeps the relaxed feeling, with the benefit of safety for your family and friends.

The fence can be customized in any individual need that you might have. The dimensions shown in this picture show the Pool Fence Panels with wide gaps between the pickets of 1220H x 2440W.

Med - Pool Fencing

Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing

Durafence PVC Temporary fencing is ideal for functions or sporting events. The panel is 800mm high x 1.85m wide. Each panel has feet to keep it stable plus connectors so the panels can be locked together end on end.

The panels are light so they can be easily moved around and will continue to look good after years of use.

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